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July 04, 2022



At least they took out the it's-an-even-worse-felony-to-treat-a-woman-with-ectopic-pregnancy-she-will-just-have-to-die part?

I hate that Trump is still doing the grift-and-lie thing. I hate that the Trump years are having gobs of catastrophic knock-on effects (Supreme Court decisions that are... uh... not good! Obama's immigration-acclimation system destroyed! DeJoy still doing his thing! US medical system being extraordinarily stressed due to covid burnout! Ukraine/Russia!) which are difficult to fix. So much easier to break things than to build them.

I also hate that so many politicians are doing the "okay, do we have enough popular support for this or not?" calculations, but then again if they do stuff and then the house and senate flip, it all gets undone again, so... the calculations make sense. But AUGH.

Still better than it could be.


KC - I think science is the only thing that will progress in the next ten years. Society will regress, science will progress, and there will be a schism. Or else wenwill admit that the right to privacy wasn't clear enough and make an amendment ensuring the right to do as you like with your body.

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