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June 09, 2022



It is, however, looking to be a closer visual match to the other dog painting! So there is that.


Random commenter strikes again!

Is it possible that the dog's right front leg is actually under the left leg, but something about the colouring of the left leg makes it look opposite? Because from the physical positioning if you ignore the colouring, I think the right leg goes under the left leg. But I could also be wrong. It definitely wouldn't be the first time.


KC - But it's only going to get darker and darker. i think on further analysis the dogs face is skewed to the left somehow. How though? i traced it; i didn't free-hand it.
AH - i always appreciate your comments, AH. The leg on the right as you look at it goes underneath the dog and then under the paw of the leg on the left. I think I'm going to start ignoring the values that are there and paint it so it makes sense to me.

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