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June 23, 2022



The pictures aren't showing up for me, and I don't know why, or I would attempt to answer the question...

June 23, 2022
Weekly Paint Progress: 6/23

This week the Blue Heeler went from this:


... to only this, because the white paint that took things back to scratch hadn't dried yet.


You tell me: is the paw on the left side of the image on top of the paw on the right, or is it the other way?


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The Queen

KC - it appears I maxed out the graphics. If you refresh it should work maybe


I know I proposed the left side being under, but now I'm not so sure! I have a dog of my own and I still don't understand what is going on from the original photo.

Would a potential elegant solution be to pretend that both arms are tucked under the body, or would that be cheating?


I *think* the over-paw is interacting with the other paw; I'm seeing some lifted toes on the paw that goes over?

I like the idea of hiding the ends of the paws! Does the dog have a favorite toy that could be over the paws? Or could part of a blanket be folded up there?


AH - I like the idea of your elegant solution. Cheating? I cheat in painting a hundred ways. If you use a tube of paint other than red, blue, or yellow, you are cheating.
KC - I went downstairs and did just that. He's got his toes all jammed under the blanket now.

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