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June 25, 2022



That is fascinating to me, because when my permanent teeth came in, one came in defective - the molar's enamel didn't meet in the middle, so the dentist drilled and filled it. Without anesthetic, because he thought it wouldn't be painful. But at one point, it deeefinitely started hurting. But I was already so tense (dentist drilling, I hate it so much and also I do not want to move such that they accidentally hit another tooth or something), and then I was so afraid that if I moved, it'd be worse, that I froze in place hard and he apparently did not know that it hit until afterwards when I told him that he'd said it wouldn't hurt and it DID.

Either that or he caught that it hurt but that I'd stay still and he just thought it's be faster and less painful to finish it up than to do the whole thing. Don't know.

Anyway. Sorry your numb wore off, and auuuugh to all the imperfections in dentistry out there. (including the dentists who get annoyed with you because you're *still* not numb. I swear, this is not volitional, it is just the way things are, don't get mad at *me* the person who is *in pain* for the stuff not working correctly.)

But I should go to the dentist again sometime. Sigh.


KC - That sounds like a nightmare. like those surgeries where people are paralyzed but awake.Also, i have recently discovered that the high pressure jet that cleans my teeth makes the same sound as the drill, so I have started lying to myself that he isn't drilling, he's cleaning my tooth off first. That lasts until i start smelling that burnt tooth smell.

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