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June 24, 2022



It'd have to be a raw dessert (cooking knocks off the compound) with *enough* bitter almonds, and bitter almonds are not especially available in the US, and they are *strong* (thus why they are used as flavoring for marzipan, etc.), so I think it'd be fairly difficult to do a swap in adequate quantities to be hazardous unless someone's taste buds were messed up or unless they really liked bitter things and were not suspicious of you.

But if you're set on writing a murder-mystery, you could probably have someone scheme to feed someone a bitter-almond custard while they have smell and taste inhibition from covid? Maybe?


KC - I had no idea you could cool the poison out of almonds the way you cook alcohol out of vanilla. But now I looked up the alcohol you make from bitter almonds (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bitter_almond_liqueur) and evidently just chopping it up gets rid of the cyanide. This seems impossible to me, but chemistry is magic.

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