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June 11, 2022



Oh, thanks! Now I have that commercial /jingle in my head. Also, why do we not all have one of those, lol!


Lisa - i have to say, the clapper does not break in to conversations unsolicited as Alexa does when she thinks she hears her name. And I'd forgotten about the jingle, so thanks for that!

Lisa Diahn Pinckard

I totally agree on Alexa. Twice we’ve been in another room and heard her say “I don’t know what that means “. (This was two different Alexa’s in two different rooms.) Only to walk in and find our Tortie Monkey standing next to it both times. Apparently she’s trying to bring Alexa to the dark side. Or is that the other way around? Either way, it creeps us out!


Lisa (all formal with the full name now) - she seems to wake up at silbants. Is the cat hissing at her first? At one time you could change her name to "Dot" but it seems like that's been replaced by "Ziggy." https://www.theverge.com/23144484/change-alexa-echo-wake-word-name-how-to


Hey Lisa - if you go to your Alexa app, then More, Activity, More on the mystery conversation, then you can hit play to see what prompted Alexa to respond.

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