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May 25, 2022



Apparently-standard-issue dreams are also a weird thing - a la crumbling teeth? (I don't think I've actually had that one, though.)

And alcohol-induced hallucinations were, for about 40 years in the late 1800s/early 1900s, reported in fiction and journalism and memoir to be almost entirely animals in unnatural colors. (not just pink elephants, but definitely including pink elephants)

I'd suspect a mixture of non-reporting from people who don't experience these specific things, plus primed expectations before entering an altered state (like seeing a movie before going to sleep: you're putting those thigs in there, extra-easy for your brain to drag out), fuzzy remembrances of previous trips/imaginings (to help out with cognitive bias about hallucinations/dreams you've already had - if you remembered you felt like someone was following you, then of course, looking backwards, it could easily be treeple), and, yes, some specific prodding of some neurochemicals or areas of the brain such that things can be close *enough* maybe (feeling like something's following you seems very likely to be an area that can be specifically activated, given that specific thing showing up in a few different cases).

I mean, also there is peer pressure. I'd imagine that a Tough Guy, whose trip was that he thought he was the Queen of England's assistant on a hat-choosing mission, might feel the need to stretch that to match/beat other peoples' adventures, yes?


KC - oh, teeth are children. Teeth falling out =having children, crumbling teeth=sick children. I am not afflicted by tooth dreams = never gad children.


A friend of mine has also never had children and has had crumbling teeth dreams, so I am uncertain.


KC - Hmmm. i don't know then, unless it's a reaction to the supreme court and crumbling rights?

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