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May 02, 2022



The thing is, it doesn't matter if they've got an expense: if using the expensive item doesn't 1. make things work better or 2. reduce other expenses, then there's no actual gain from using the expensive item.

And in this case, it'd be more likely to increase expenses (hiring, etc.). So. I hope they don't push back-to-office. Because auuugh.


KC - had a huge meeting today and 2/3rds of the people were staying at home, though they were encouraged to come in. Much care was taken to make the people staying at home still feel like we were part of the experience. I don't know why, we were in the majority. We should have told the in-office people to take off their pants to feel part of our experience.


I'm glad the majority is still going "uh... no."

Mixed in-person and online things can be managed very poorly, such that those who are online miss a lot of what's going on even when they are the majority, so I'm glad they had an eye to that, although odds seem good that some of their concepts for how to make you feel participatory were slightly awry, given companies/management/meeting concepts in general...


KC - everyone did go out to dinner after, so that was a little sad. But not devastating.

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