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May 30, 2022



Yes, while CVS has the longest receipts, it seems like everyone's in the running for stapling the most things to medication bags. I read the things before taking a new medication but for refills, the paperwork Goes Away. I hadn't heard of stapling your card to the bag; that does seem to assume a level of attention to the stapled-on crud that is probably not common...


KC - and then, what about the poor young people who will be getting the d]first drugs of their lives and then the period in which they are warned will have passed. or maybe that never passes, like being informed if you HIPAA rights.


I'm pretty sure the paperwork will just keep accruing somewhere, like they still make you sign off that you've received their Privacy Policy even if when you ask for a copy so that you can sign off that you've received it, they get flustered and have to go print off a copy since no one's asked for it for years...

But maybe it'll end up online somewhere, lost in a sea of other information, such that first-time prescription kids will end up going to a for-profit medication information website instead of digging through the piles of legally-mandated clutter at their actual doctor's website...

(we tried out a thing and had a Home Health Care person come by three times and WOW is that system designed for not-us, but also WOW I cannot imagine anyone *in* their target audience reading and knowing how to sort over 60 pages of different sorts of information. It's just a "relevant or irrelevant, we'll dump it all on you in one giant batch" and... this is not honestly the best way to communicate? with anyone?)

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