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May 31, 2022



Good to know that con is out there! Yikes.

(is anyone else kind of annoyed that banks now sometimes *do* email you when something is awry? Because that "they will literally never do that" was super-useful once upon a time.)


KC - I've had phone calls and texts from banks (Bank of America) but I don't recall any emails. that would be troubling, though. luckily we can always see the actual sender if we click.


Uh. Email sender addresses can be spoofed; do not put too much stock in that.

Yes, also definitely not a fan of the "click here or call this number to resolve this problem" texts! Because come on!!! About one in ten of that type of bank text received is for an actual bank we have an account with, and that is just not great odds, you know?

That said, googling the phone number before calling it often (albeit not always) identifies it as Yes A Bank Number or No Not a Bank Number via the bank website, and then I feel okay calling it if it is a bank number. But I still feel like this could be made a lot better? More streamlined? Less leeway for scammers?

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