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April 23, 2022



I've seen most all of the Hallmark movies because they are mindless background noise. Something to put on while I work that's not distracting because the movies are always the same. But every once in a while... one of them comes along that's better than many romcom films released in theaters (seriously, I'd put any of the movies in my Top Ten up against the majority of theatrical rom-coms: https://blogography.com/hallmark). And while I've never been taken out of a movie for a hair mistake(!) I am regularly taken out by other nonsense. Usually technical things... like taking wide-angle photos with a telephoto lens. And... oh yeah... the entire reason I'm commenting here on this post is because THIS: https://blogography.com/archives/2019/08/suspension-of-belief.html


Dave2 - I thought of you while watching the movie and while writing this, just not enough to realize I have again been subliminally influenced by one of your posts. Have you seen the Aurora Teagarden movies, then? I would have to say that a Hallmark movie would be better than using the war in Ukraine as background noise, as it is here.


Oh yes. I watch all of them. Aurora Teagarden, Crossword Mysteries, Curious Caterer, the Martha's Vineyard Mysteries, Gourmet Detective, Hailey Dean, Murder She Baked... sure! I don't review them though. I have a hard enough time keeping up with the "regular" movies!


Dave2 - thank you for reviewing the superhero movies in particular.

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