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April 10, 2022



Oooh, carded for alcohol, looking young there on the grocery app. ;-)

You may be able to get carded over age 60 if you buy things that are meth precursors in person, but maybe they've dropped that - I am not sure. But for a while, you had to get carded for your liquid benadryl (or maybe it was night-time robitussin? The two anti-sinus-pressure things we buy) every single time so they knew you weren't buying enough of it in various stores to produce notable quantities of meth. At least, this is what I was told about being carded. (we haven't gotten carded for buying cold remedies with grocery orders, but there they have the name and address info, so they could be database-ing us that way instead of via driver's license name/address? Or they could have snipped that regulation; I do not know.)

(also: was it cooking sherry or drinking sherry? I have read that if you're cooking with wine, you should never use cooking wine, but instead use something you would actually be willing to drink, because the food will be better if it starts with something that tastes good, but I don't know about sherry...)


KC - it was Sudafed. Last time I bought Sudafed I had to get the pharmacist to unlock it. We haven't had it in the house since because it makes Gary evil.
Oh, and I too am of the philosophy that if it's bad enough to be called cooking sherry then it doesn't go in the soup. Also,I don't have the real este in the pantry to store two kinds of sherry - not that I serve sherry, but I must have it in case a duchess shows up or something.


Those surprise-arrival duchesses are a hazard! :-)

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