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March 20, 2022



Sorry this is being a huge bear, and an emotional one at that. (Auuuugh.)

(a *one page* contract?!!!)

There is a site where you can get custom-printed fabric, which means you could get a gardening apron with your mom's handwriting and garden map on it, if you wanted to. (usually people print recipe cards on tea towels, but there are options...)

I suspect it's still a giant pain in the neck without the emotional baggage. Have only bought a house, once, though, so I do not know how *much* of a pain in the neck. (it was a pain in the neck; all the inspections and the things the inspections turned up and that we had to negotiate with the owners and then all the rest of the things to juggle and deal with in addition to moving. But it was less of a pain in the neck, I am sure, than it would be to both buy a house *and* sell it!)


KC - the nice thing though is that in this market a seller can say "I am selling this house with no inspection, as is," which is what I'm doing. So at least I don't have that hassle.

And I did keep mom's original map. It's amazing how much this is bringing up mom's memories. I realized today It's been moms house or mine for almost fifty years. Half a century. Seems impossible but true.

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