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February 16, 2022



In theory, there are also specific compounds that one person can smell that someone else can't, but yeah, olfactory hallucinations sound like the most likely option, if no sensations accompany the abrupt appearance of smells for him.

(does that mean you *can* maybe wear the great perfume?)


KC - interesting to note that olfactory hallucinations are usually bad smells. People rarely hallucinate nice smells. I wonder why.


Do they not hallucinate nice smells, or do they not notice/care when they hallucinate nice smells? "Oh, one of our neighbors must be baking cookies."

(maybe, though, there are more bad smells than good smells out there? and then there are the smells where bad/good depends on strength and context - musk being notable)


KC - my guess is that the brain remembers bad smells because of evolution? Rotted things = make a memory, do not eat.


Oh, this made me laugh so hard. The joys of marriage, I know them well, lol.


Lisa - right? usually it goes both ways.I don't believe I've ever had a phantom gas attack in front of him.

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