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February 27, 2022



I feel like re-education via Oscar-winning movies would have some weird biases towards "film as art" (aka: we are going to be deliberately unpleasant because things normal people enjoy are not Art) rather than "truth" exactly. But if you feel the need for more unpleasantness in your life, eh, sure, go for it?

(I would enjoy The Greatest Show on Earth, I suspect, if I had not read an autobiography of Barnum, but as it is... nope. The man was proud of his "cleverness" which was mostly cheating people, and proud that he could exploit freaks "better" than anyone else could, and the degree of rehabilitation necessary to turn that into that plot line... I mean, imagine if someone pretended The West Wing TV series had been written as a reflection of how things actually worked during Trump's presidency?)(but it sounds like an enormous amount of fun! And if they were not pretending it was about Barnum, but just about a mythical Mixed-But-Finally-Good circus guy, then sure, but they decided to name names, so.)


KC - I think you are thinking of "The Greatest Showman" which was a puff piece about PT Barum with a Hugh Jackman, as opposed the "The Greatest Show on Earth," which was one of those star-laden 50's gimmick vehicles.


You're right! And I guess that was a few years ago...

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