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February 20, 2022



I vaguely assume you've talked to a doctor?

But also, yes, in theory witch hazel is supposed to be astringent and anti-inflammatory, while also being acidic (see: not giving you a yeast infection by tipping the balance too alkaline), so. Maybe?

You can also freeze water in test tubes as a numbing popsicle; I haven't tried that, but a pelvic floor PT told me about it. (but... cold. Not a fan of cold+there, so thanks for the warning about Tucks!)

Lidocaine cream is a straight-up anaesthetic (and is available otc), *but* has some side effects if absorbed, should be checked against medications, and may or may not increase bleeding. Also it feels weird, for behold, anaesthetic. (but also it feels a bit like when they give you IV contrast for a CT? Warming-and-something, ish?)

I wish body parts never misbehaved...


KC - yep, talked to three doctors, all say this is not something of concern, evidently hat area often knots up and hurts and gets out of balance. So far the Tucks are improving the situation. I didn't notice the problem at all today.


Oh gosh, I just so terrifically do *not* want that to be normal at all. Sigh.

I am glad the tucks are improving the situation!

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