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January 03, 2022



Such a surprise!

(to be fair to the Dr. Pepper, it probably also has more caffeine and also more tooth decay?)


KC - actually, he's started drinking lots of V-8 too, so that's even better than the protein shakes.


Low-sodium v8 is really good for potassium, if he needs potassium, incidentally. Pretty low on protein, though...

(really, a lot of all the "which is better for you" decisions boil down to what your body needs or needs to not have. I know people who drink caffeinated soda for migraines because 1. they can get it down despite nausea and 2. caffeine and 3. sugar, because you need sugar when you're dehydrated as well as water and salt. But generally: Dr. Pepper: not a "health drink.")(oh, the number of cardiologists I have seen have near-stuttering fits as they try to tell me the dietary guidelines for *raising* your blood pressure, because they tell the opposite of this to people, all day long, every day, such that it's actually hard to say "more canned soups" and things like that!)


I say, dear god in heaven.


KC - he is relying on the caffeine in Dr Pepper for his migraine and the sugar for his epilepsy. Glad he's cutting back, though.
KP - well, I focus on the improvement.

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