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December 18, 2021



I wonder if they could somehow drop a bunch of myelin into your body, like a sacrificial anode in a hot water tank, for your body to munch on instead? Maybe sugar-coat it so it's even tastier myelin to your immune system...?

(but yes. The level of Drastic Measures or risks that one is okay with is approximately in direct proportion to how bad the situation is for you, I think, with a few other variables like risk-aversion, etc. thrown in. Here's hoping you won't have spine problems to the degree that this becomes appealing.)

(okay, that also makes me wonder: if you get a nerve block, does that reduce/remove the myelin on those nerves, or is it still there? Because if it's still there, then they can still be a decoy?)


KC - one of the drugs I took earlier did just that - it made decoy myelin for the WBCs to attack. Can’t remember which one.

The Queen

KC - about the decoy myelin, I don’t know. If I get fatter and fatter do my nerves get longer? That would be decoy myelin too. Well, that’s probably peripheral nervous system: the tasty myelin is on the central nervous system.


That is *wild* and also fascinating re: a drug that made your body make decoy myelin. Bodies are so extremely weird.


KC - one drug tricked my body into thinking the cells it was attacking had been defeated, another was decoy myelin, and the final two just physically bulked up my white blood cells so they couldn't pass through my lymph system and then get to my nerves.



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