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December 10, 2021



"Best winter attire" is awfully ambiguous. Full winter-weather/skiing attire? Fancy dress clothes for winter occasions?

I think you could still go with snow queen, but possibly skip the face-whitening because that might just shed all over; I think that outfit would work for either the fairy-tale snow queen or for the evil queen of Narnia, given Zoom's lack of support for handing out turkish delight to other party attendees (which, incidentally, if all goes well and you are an Evil Queen of Narnia at a future in-person event, https://www.libertyorchards.com/category/Turkish_Delights is about the most consistently high-quality Turkish Delight I know of; need to eat it fresh; the aplets and cotlets are SO GOOD esp. the reduced-sugar-but-no-artificial-sweetener ones).


KC - purchase made! You steered me well last year on the chocolate.


I think Turkish Delight is less universal than Theo Chocolate, to be honest (I had to look up my chocolate recommendation last year, because I also have a favorite chocolate chip, but then nodded in satisfaction because YEP Theo Chocolate is good stuff)(I have since discovered Alter Eco's milk chocolate with puffed rice that is available in grocery stores, which might be a closer Nestle Crunch knockoff, though, if you desperately want Nestle Crunch but with people being paid for their labor... and also better chocolate, honestly).

But most peoples' first reaction to Turkish Delight that has not been produced by the Aplets and Cotlets company is "ugh, *why* did Edmund ask for this junk, out of all possible foods?" (usually Narnia fans who finally find a box of something labeled Turkish Delight somewhere in an international foods grocery store - who knows how long it's been sitting on that shelf and no, it is not high quality and yes, many of the flavors are... novel... to the American palate while also just being sort of inertly sweet - and yes, they also have high expectations going in and *wow* are those high expectations disappointed by this powder-covered leathery rocks of perfumey mild sweetness) - whereas most peoples' initial reaction to Aplets and Cotlets is "Oh, that's different..." and reaching for another piece. (But with their Locoum, not the Aplets and Cotlets, the floral flavors might still result in a "I feel like I'm eating perfume" cognitive dissonance issue for people from the US. But at least it's the right texture!)

I would enjoy an unbiased review of whatever you ordered (and apologies for not giving the requisite Turkish Delights caveats before you purchased). I grew up with Aplets and Cotlets and therefore cannot consider my personal taste-testing opinion of them to be in any way unbiased, but I did see the responses from many adults and have introduced a lot of non-PNW people to them over the years... but it's always possible they're just being polite, so there is that.


KC - I got A&C and a sampler, so I should be set. And yes, my mother said Turkish Delight was heavenly and what I ate was the inside of the chocolates no one will eat.


Aha, so you have already had Bad Turkish Delight in your life! (although I do not know where on the scale of Bad Turkish Delight it fell; if the pieces were actually puckered up, like a cube that has exhaled strongly, and hard to chew, then it was probably near Maximally Bad Turkish Delight)

I hope you do enjoy them! But also it is totally okay if you do not, despite my nostalgia; you are entirely welcome to roast them. :-) [probably not literally; they would not respond as well as marshmallows to roasting]

(the business actually was transferred to new ownership around last year-ish, although I'd expect that they'd keep things The Same for the most part because otherwise they'd lose the bulk of their customer base? But we'll see...)


KC - I am off my diet for December. I should have made this effort after 11 months of no sugar, imagine how awesome jellied candies would be then! I can't wait.


They are softer and less wibbly than I think of jellied candies being (thinking of jellied candies that are similar to the jelly in Pim's/Jaffa cakes?), but YES 11 months without sugar would definitely change perspectives. (they might even be *too* sweet!)

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