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December 24, 2021



Fudge, a tree (artificial, but fully decorated), icicle lights outside, pre-sliced (but real baked, not deli) ham, potatoes, two veggies, and a blueberry mini pie instead of the cherry one they didn't have in stock. Not *totally* minimalist, but slim. Also an advent wreath. Oh! and eggnog I can't drink. Also none of the packages under the tree are wrapped in anything other than the shipping wrappers; usually I get at least one wrapped to look Festive, but not so far yet this year, anyway. (besides: we wrapped all the Present Box presents, that is adequate gift wrapping. But I do like at least something other than gray and brown and Better World Books Plastic Bag Lime Green under the tree? But it is okay.)(I think.)

So! Not totally minimal, but definitely not confetti-strewn.

(what kinds of cookies? and yum!)


KC - Choc. Chip, oatmeal, peanut butter, frosted orange, florentines, snowballs, brownie, and butterscotch.
Interesting you backed off on the wrapping. That's only the thing that is required for Christmas for me. Tree, not so much, wrapped presents? Yes.


KC - I should mention all the cookies are for the in-laws, not us. Well, except the snowballs I made last night. (Snowballs, think the culturally appropriating Russian Team cakes or Mexican Wedding Cookies).


I mean, we did wrap over 50 small things for the two Present Boxes in late November, so the Present Wrapping Experience has occurred. But yeah, usually I wrap one or two things to go under the tree and this year: nope, at least not so far. Part of it is that my spouse does not care beans, so it feels kind of environmentally wasteful to wrap Spouse's presents when there will be near-zero additional enjoyment aside from me getting to see a Wrapped Present under the tree, the rest is sheer fatigue and mobility issues where it's like "okay, I could wrap a present, *or* I could use this day's tiny energy allowance on something that will have a larger impact, like prepping a new batch of pain-relief buzzy motors to be available to plug in as the current batch fails" and the buzzy motors won.

Okay, also there is wrapping paper that I *like* and wrapping paper that I don't like, and I want to use up the stuff I don't like, but don't really want to see it under the tree or give it to people. So that is also a bizarre complicating factor where enjoyment of wrapped presents wrapped by me for under our tree is reduced.

Fundamentally: I'm a weirdo.

(but also I understand wanting wrapped presents and not caring about a tree; for me the twinkle lights 100% win, but preferences for seasonal decor and nostalgic associations are highly individual and many of them even make sense from the outside!)


KC - we all Christmas in our own ways.

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