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November 30, 2021



This wasn't in the right place, but it's the right time: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Port_Radium

(but: not nuclear waste, just mining for radioactive materials)

Dreams are weird. Dreams are very weird.


KC - that was very interesting. I had another book dream last night. I woke up from it at three and changed the ending of chapter ten to one more spiteful.


I mean, harvest ideas where you find them.

(I admit, I am not favorably inclined towards spiteful, if actually spiteful, generally. But sometimes we use the word differently? And if we're presenting a piece of the world in a book, there are all sorts of things I don't like in the real world but that are a part of the real world...)


KC - she can be spiteful to a false friend.

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