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November 26, 2021



Nibbling on Thanksgiving food sounds like an excellent plan. (I feel for Gary; in college, I had my wisdom teeth out shortly before the Big Family Christmas one year, and ouch and also basically just nope to things other than mashed potatoes. Which my Aunt decided to make fancy that year [loaded! so tasty!] and thus put things in them that weren't smooth [green onions, bacon] and thus even those did not work out well for me, sigh.)


KC -that's a shame. We are now three days out from Thanksgiving and he's able to eat normally, but of course I only purchased soft food and liquids for next week.


Maybe you can add things to the soft foods and liquids? Good luck with that, though; I had orthodontic work in addition to tooth extractions, and whenever I came off the soft foods diet I *did not* want anything from the soft foods diet for a while...

Except butterscotch pudding. I don't think I was ever allowed enough butterscotch pudding to get sick of it.


KC - he will eat what he pleases, as always. I'm having my own root canal Monday


Sorry about the root canal, but hope it goes well!

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