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November 22, 2021



But letterpress is so pretty... says she who is still using ultra-cheap flimsy cards and envelopes (even though she really loves her Crane ones that she has been given)(actually, yes, maybe look into Crane? It's less ludicrous but has such a nice feel).

(generally: GOOP will be expensive, though. Endorsement costs.)


KC - Crane is what Mom gave me. I was considering replacing it exactly, but when you add in the lined envelopes etc it gets up there. Maybe I will buy it as a Christmas gift for myself.

Allison McCaskill

I love fancy stationery, and buy it more than I use it. I do use the boxed notecards I have, although slowly. I have never bought embossed monogrammed stationery, but I did buy stationery with their names on it for my daughter and her BFF years ago because the BFF's name is Greek and she could never find anything with her name. I just browsed rather incredulously through the Sugar website. Oy.


I only have had non-personalized Crane, and with unlined envelopes, but it is just so lovely in paper weight and texture. I endorse it as a Christmas gift!

Also, since Allison McCaskill went to browse the Sugar website, I did too, and... yikes. I knew there would be a GOOP-y markup, but: more than 2x the cost of Crane?!


Allison - Aw, that's a sweet thing to do for the BFF. I had a Greek friend named Erasminia.
KC - I know! Is the paper made of Gwyneth's cuticle clippings?

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