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November 07, 2021



There's brave, and then there's stupid.

There's a lot of stupid.

(I do think, however, that if one specifically, hard-core solicits questions, though, one has a responsibility to react well to them rather than making people feel dumb! Especially in a work environment! If one does not want to permanently discourage questions, that is, I supposed...)

Allison McCaskill

I believe the phrase "Fortune favors the brave" was used in one of my favourite Buffy the Vampire Slayer episodes ("Hush"). It sounds like one of those things men say because they sound good but they're basically empty of content. I am sorry fortune didn't favour you - I hate when I ask questions and people act like I'm insane.


KC - well, the grand-boss gave us a poor analogy, and my response and question were very direct. Probably so direct I shouldn't really slight her for her reaction, which was just as direct as mine.
Alison McCaskill - I see it as example of blind optimismi, and I'd rather have realism. (Also - get ready to hate me - I've only seen perhaps two episodes of Buffy the Tv series. Still, I know Hush is the one with minimal dialog. Many smart people speak well of it. I should watch it. Gary loves anything supernatural (except Supernatural), maybe we will bring it after Hacks.)

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