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November 19, 2021



If they were each named after a character in a Toni Morrison book, fine, but then capitalize the B.

(I would not do anything to the word; it is weird to emphasis; but they need to learn about italics...)


Hmm. I don't think either single quotation marks OR italics would fit here; the animals were beloved. It's not open to conjecture or in need of emphasis; It's just a fact.


KC - your comment about the names made me want to delve deeper - maybe they were Joe and Amanda Beloved, famed snow leopards.
Rockycat - (it's been years!) Mystery solved, and I think the missing clue wasn't in the version of the article I saw, or I skipped it. Beloved It is in quotes because it's a quote. The NYT is quoting the Nebraska zoo:
The Lincoln Children’s Zoo lamented the deaths of Ranney, Everest and Makalu in a Facebook post on its official page Friday evening, saying the mountain cats “were beloved by our entire community inside and outside of the zoo.”


I feel like quotes need to be longer than one word to really work well as quotes, but that's at least a coherent reason. (unlike me, using emphasis instead of emphasize, sigh)


KC - I didn't even notice!

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