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November 05, 2021



I do not know - I haven't noticed that particular one - but the past decade or so has had a lot of rapid language shift; "that got me in the feels" and similar, most of which is immediately understandable or fairly understandable while being distinctively not-standard-English, and at this point I don't notice quite all of it. (Per Calvin of Calvin and Hobbes: "Verbing weirds language" - and I think it's easy to do that with other aspects of language.)

That said, my new favorite is someone who asked if Mercury was in Gatorade again; I *bet* things would get sticky if Mercury got submerged in Gatorade...

It is possible that "swirly" might instead be vocabulary picked up from a movie or some other pop-culture source; but I wouldn't know.


KC - I don't know, but my research reminded my of the hazing definition, which I had forgotten.

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