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September 07, 2021



Well, we qre trying to give Florida a run for their money in the crazy race and I think we have well and truly won. I’m with you as I think we’re the same age so I was very clueless as well until it happened to a friend. I was lucky enough to never have never had that happen, but I can’t be sure I wouldn’t have done the same thing. And the older I get the more angry I get about all these men thinking they get to set the rules AND offer rewards for anyone who turns in someone who has one. How is it possible that not only are we moving backwards, but there are so very many people think that’s a good thing. (Unless it infringes on their life in any way.) Scary times.


Lisa - I always comforted myself regarding Roe v Wade by thinking that progress once made isn’t often un-made (conveniently forgetting the Dark Ages). Evidently I was wrong, at least in Texas.

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