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September 12, 2021



Covered, comfortable, and just a zip away from (relative) freedom! Excellent.

(someday, surely, there will be non-uniboob substantial-sports-bra technology; or maybe it's just the "of course we'll have flying cars by 2000" of this age...)


OMG I just added this to my Amazon shopping cart. I have some that offer good support, but somehow about every third washing one of the support pads will move from where it supposed to be, out a teensy hole AND WORK ITSELF IN THROUGH THE OTHER TIMY BOOB HOLE so there are two in one. I can barely get one finger into one of those holes -and I have long thin fingers, so how does this happen?! Plus there’s the fun of trying to pull it off over your head. I am not now and never will be a candidate for Cirque de Soliel yet apparently the designers of these think we are. So thank you so much for this, I’m so excited!


KC - I think the trade-off for a uni-boob is an actual corset, I choose un-iboob.
Lisa - yes! That makes two converts. I sent the link to another friend and she was on Amazon checking sizes immediately. I hope you like it. It kills the jiggle but still comfy. And no little pads to migrate across the bra.


Alas, I’m afraid that type of bra really will go the way of flying cars (I typed flying cats first then thought meh, same difference) because obviously women’s bra wear must be uncomfortable! I’m with you on the uniboob, Queen. I can’t wait to wear it for my run and then just (un)zip it off! No throwing my back out or pulling a muscle getting out of the current ones, lol. SO EXCITED!


Lisa - not I’m getting paranoid that this bra will be in a lawsuit because it causes permanent breast flattening and I will be to blame.


I got my bras this weekend and I’m so excited to use one tomorrow. I tried them on and love them so far. Fingers crossed!


Lisa - I have been experimenting with bosom positioning in mine, and I find that after I get my arms in it is easiest to zip up independent of the boobage and then pull it down over. Pro tip!


The Queen and KC: All hail the bra! I love these bras! I’ve used them this week on my runs and they’re fabulous! Support as needed and I just zip in and out as needed. I can’t thank you enough. I’m a believer, lol!


Lisa - glad to hear it! I just got another one in another color.

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