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August 06, 2021



Mine was a 10 year old mini, manual. I sold it 2 months ago because it was worth $3200 and the repairs were $1000. I got a cream one, not a manual shift. Damn I miss my little red mini so much.


KC - I still do too. Don’t miss how it died in the summer because the fan couldn’t keep up, or how the brakes squealed.


Over here, we had a station wagon which came with a dent that was like someone shoved a brick into the back of it, to half the depth of the brick, near its rear light. It was *fabulous* because I never worried about scratches (and because of the damage, we got it for the price we could afford at the time, and it ran for us for 7 years or so).

Scratches showed, though. That is an advantage of Beige. (or silver, honestly; we are now on our third car - silver, teal, silver - and the silver does not show scratches as much as the teal did.)


KC - and now the paint is on back order. Somehow having a solution established has made me stop looking at the scratch.

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