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August 10, 2021



Happy birthday! And happy bug killing!

(also: if you need screens for things, get screens for things. If gaps need to be caulked, get it done. We've more or less given up on our laundry room, but otherwise, keeping the bugs out is vastly more efficient than killing them once they're in, if it's a leaky-house problem.)(if it's a "they ride in on you when you come in from the garden" problem, that is harder to solve with weatherstripping and caulk and screens, sigh.)


KC - I have caulked and puttied. If any of our three doors are open, even for a split second, it is followed by a zap.


Your hospitality is just so *attractive* to them!

(sigh, and I hope the new bug-gizmo works well!)


KC - before even giving it a chance Gary purchased an outdoor bug zapper as well.

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