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July 18, 2021



Code monkey!!! (The music video for Code Monkey annoys me unduly for the "guy saves girl" thing *AGAIN* come on people could we maybe somehow get less of this junk in nerd-land, maybe? [Dr. Horrible, etc.] But otherwise, it is generally a delightful song.)(Although again, it is only delightful as long as one does not assume only one type of code monkey exists, for behold, I am not male and also do not like either Tab or Mountain Dew, etc., but there *are* a lot who do, so...)

"Stay tuned for scary monsters... But first a word from sponsors" is especially enjoyable to me since my brain suggests there remains a slight possibility that the sponsors might be the monsters (although really, probably not, since "but first" implies that this is not that, sigh).


KC - oh, I hate the video. Code monkey not violent. Code monkey not throw things.


"Code monkey not throw things at the screen" might work out well in the song, really...

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