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June 10, 2021



HOORAY! Yes, pansies look better, and yes, I think you've got something with the cliffs.

That is intriguing re: silent correction. I'd imagine that most people fix things as they go to some degree, but yes, you would need to *not* do that in a simple step-by-step examples thing. So where would a publisher find the artists who can 1. hold off on fixing things other than doing This Step, and also can 2. Do Only One Step At A Time (I'd imagine the most advanced artists - the ones who are least likely to need to correct their work a lot - would have serious issues with chopping up their work into stages like that - and those issues might in fact result in needs for correction)...? Although I guess probably most publishers just ask a few people [likely taking inspiration from who has already been published in this sort of thing so as to *not* land artists who absolutely can't do this *at all* but who think they can before they try? and probably now from some Social Media Presence concepts] and go with whoever's available that year...

Now, whether you'll be published first for your novel or for your step-by-step oil paintings... :-)

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