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June 08, 2021



I almost didn't click through to this one in Feedly because of the title and just not wanting to deal with anything more from/about that source at this time, but! Your literal fox! Hooray! :-) (the snippet shown of the first few words of the blog post disambiguated it for me just fine.)

(also, I assume if the mama opossum thought the fox was going to get her babies, she would be much less chill about hanging out with the fox and not chasing it out of the neighborhood her kids are in. So there is that. Whether the mama raccoon was accurate about the threat level or not, and whether the mama opossum is accurate about the threat level or not, I have no clue, though.)


I did a dance of joy when I saw the fox. I have had Gary bring in the photos on a daily basis just pining for the fox to return.


Hooray for the return of something that brings you joy! :-) Also, it seems pragmatically maritally beneficial to have Gary's hobby also benefit you intermittently instead of just being a source of "wait, how many pounds of that did you just order?" perplexity and annoyance. (I assume possum-watching is a hobby like bird-watching? Or is this more like having pets? Or like having a favorite TV show, given that the camera provides the material the next day?)

(also: has Gary made any jokes yet about you being a foxy lady?)


The first year it was like having pets, because there were so few raccoons it was clear who was who, and their personalities were distinct. Now, not so much.

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