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June 21, 2021



The "financial assistance" is only re: financial assistance from a pharmaceutical company, though, right? Because there, the copay the pharma company is paying is quite possibly less than their profits on your medication from what the insurance company is paying them, and the insurance company does not want that sort of thing going on.

That said: who goes on immunosuppressants for the heck of it? Or because a pharma company put out a *really* good ad?

(we've got a... well... different, anyway... situation, since our insurance straight-up rejects - won't pay anything at all - for one of my fairly-necessary medications, so the pharma company pays all of it because we are below their "enough spare change that you can probably pay this out of pocket" financial line [although, honestly, the line would probably not be high enough for a high cost of living area], and thus it also has zero impact on copays.)

Anyway. Assuming pharma companies are approximately as ethical as insurance companies, this almost/sort-of makes sense. But it's still a jerk move, in my opinion.

(I have already paid my $1000 deductible this year, mostly for an immobilizing brace that doesn't immobilize for reasons related to standard-issue physics [if they had *thought* about it, that would have been nice, but no...], and then the rest for the first couple of sessions of PT. It's... not ideal... paying $700 for an item that does nothing helpful, but so it goes; if it had worked, it would have been 100% worth it, but it didn't work. On the plus side, most years I don't even touch my deductible, so there's that? And now that I've plowed through the deductible, each new PT session costs an acceptable amount per session instead of a gulp-inducing amount per session, which is lovely..)


Kc - yes, just assistance. I am allowed to use my health saving account. For now, I suppose. Nothing to keep them from changing the rules.

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