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May 04, 2021



I would note that my N95 construction mask, when I wore it to PT the first time a few weeks ago, meant I *didn't know* I'd been Fragranced until we got out to the car, I took the mask off, and my sinuses went nuts from just the fragrance that had been deposited on our skin, clothes, and hair. So if you do a sniff test with an N95 on and "fail" the sniff test, it probably at least has a pretty good seal? (relative sizes of fragrance molecules and virus size and virus-on-a-droplet-size: unknown, but since the N95 is supposed to block viruses, it should work?)(the mask also does not provide eye protection [my eyes were cranky, but they'd started cranky so I didn't notice] and obviously does not provide protection while you have it off or gapped for a drink, but still. I was encouraged.)

So, yes, heavy-duty mask worn snug enough that your face has indents from it for an hour after you take it off: not ideal. But maybe at least enough to be able to go to the bathroom on road trips and do other semi-normal things?

Allison McCaskill

Zero judgment from me for anyone who goes out masked. It does suck that anti-vaxxers could prevent any place from reaching herd immunity. I would think that any douchebag who doesn't get a Covid vaccine on principle probably doesn't get a flu shot either, otherwise I like your evil plan. Maybe they can have guerrilla teams of vaccinators that travel around in white vans attacking people with needles. I guess that would be wrong. I'm just so done with this bullshit, and anyone whose actions prolong it.


I'd hate for the people who got really severe reactions from the covid-19 vaccines to get a nasty surprise with their flu shot. Also, the mRNA vaccines have crazy storage condition requirements. And we don't need to give them something *legitimate* to be paranoid about. But otherwise... sigh.

(I wonder if you could make that one of the steps in a Buff Guy Ninja Obstacle Course Race, though: face down the needle and prove you're a tough guy and don't mind getting shot?)


Allison - Maybe something more benign. If it can’t travel as far in humidity, then why not install a giant humidifier over, say, India? Or have mosquito trucks drive around just spewing out steam. Cant complain about that.
KC - I was thinking you would have to use the Johnson and Johnson vaccine for my evil plan, otherwise people would wonder why they had to come back for a second shot.


All - it’s in the works already. https://www.kmov.com/news/your-covid-vaccine-booster-might-be-a-patch-or-a-pill-or-it-might-come/article_116f5394-ad98-11eb-b700-f3c0b57fe531.html?utm_campaign=snd-autopilot&fbclid=IwAR3wpIZfqRtg0u9OkjXy_M7aiAhkazmYSygJrbKpqSQnsQoWUS_rDyW0PCE

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