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May 08, 2021



I have... a lot... fewer CDs. So I just ripped the ones that I wanted to digital, thinned out the Absolutely Not songs from those, and I am set (... with, still, a tub of CDs, because no, I do not trust digital). (note: you can get USB CD/DVD/etc. drives so you can use your laptop to make the ripping process less painful, if otherwise it would be painful.)

Good luck. It's nice having access to one's music again, so there is that treat, and if you find you are not looking forward to that treat for any specific CD, then maybe put that one in a different box to go through and probably discard later?

Big Dot

Much of this read like white noise to me. I have drawers of not only CDs but cassettes too. Apparently those are making a comeback now. Maybe I’ll just wait...


KC - I did order a USB - I wonder where it is.
Big Dot - I would have been utterly content to keep going on the way I’d been, but the new car has no slot for CDs, and that’s the only I time I listen to them. I think I have some of Moms tapes in Moms box. Gary rued getting rid of his LPs, so the CDs will be stowed in the basement waiting for the comeback.

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