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April 11, 2021


Big Dit

No, it’s its to distinguish it from it’s - apparently abbreviation takes precedence over possession, apostrophe- wise. And it’s oneself. In English you must accept, not question!


Big Dit (?) - I thought they began with hi’s and it’s and dropped the apostrophe out of laziness. Interesting.

Big Dot

I do realise that misspelling my own "name" (I blame using my phone instead of computer) automatically cancels out any authority I might claim to have re English rules but I stand by what I wrote anyway. And one's, too.


I agree on "English is the way it is and does not abide by human desires for consistency" - but have no idea re: historical apostrophe use. Gotta look back at Beowulf...


Big Dot - I delight in your typos, given that I seem to have a typo in every comment I leave on your blog.
KC - hmm. That’s not a bad idea. Then again was there a Manual of Style back then?

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