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April 07, 2021



The red hats are probably made out of plastic, otherwise...

I can't think of anything that has symbolic value that would represent:
1. the people who died
2. the people who became long-term disabled
3. the people who became unemployed (in many cases, even though the large businesses who employed them *could* have kept paying them)
4. the small businesses that died
5. the racism towards people who might possibly look slightly Chinese even if they totally aren't
6. the sheer malignance of anti-maskers and anti-vaxxers and anti-truth-ers and stop-the-steal-ers
7. related to 5 & 6, the realization of how many people have been in desperate need of a remedial course of Mister Rogers, as rocks have been turned over and while we knew there were creepy-crawlies under there, I didn't know how *many* and how *gross* they were; how many people could look at the murder of George Floyd and say "but he wasn't a saint" and somehow think that excuses a police officer from slowly killing someone for no security-related reason; etc.

That said: we don't want to forget. We want to vote and object and give and do what we can to change things so that there are fewer creepy-crawlies, not just less-frequent sightings of them in 'polite company' and such. So I am not sure about burning things...


KC - oh, they always say “he wasn’t a saint” or “she wasn’t a saint” - as if they are themselves saints.


Yep, as if they're saints - or at least not "as bad" as they're insinuating he was. (I mean, assuming they do not feel it would be right to someone to choke them slowly to death? I sort of presume this, but maybe?)

Or as if it's fine to commit slow extrajudicial murder in front of a child as long as the person being killed isn't flawless.

The baffling part to me is that some of the people saying "he wasn't a saint" claim to be Christian, when Floyd's time served after his crimes, his repentance and turning to Christ, and then turning his life around - while still battling addiction - should make it clear that he's in approximately in the same boat as all Christians: a sinner, saved by grace, still a work in progress. I probably need to stop being surprised at how many non-Christians claim to be Christian in the US, though.


KC - well, it looks like the thin blue line is wrapping around Chauvin’s neck. I can’t see how the defense has a shot — but then I didn’t see how OJs defense had a shot either.

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