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April 13, 2021



Yeah. Transmission problems are usually on the maybe-not-worth-fixing side of things. Expensive and fixing doesn't always work...

I am pleased that it was not a lack of remembering how to drive a car, though.

(that said: I had not been in a car for nearly a year - first week of March through third week of February - and riding in the car felt *SO FAST* for the first 15 minutes or so. I had to keep glancing across at the speedometer to verify that yes, this was 30mph and, no, that is not fast, even though it is vastly faster than I had moved in the interim.)(so I think it would be entirely possible to need a bit of a reminder on How This Works and such.)


KC - yeah, I looked up the transmission shop near us, but that’s as far as I got. If I were single this would be an easy choice, but Gary likes to argue his way though big decisions. Picked a good year to do it though: there’s no urgency at all.


It's delightful to have no urgency! (and yes: some things are easy choices when single, but have to be hashed out when married; on the opposite side, sometimes I'm entirely ambivalent about something and Spouse has a strong preference and GREAT I don't have to waffle!)(I think the former kind of thing sticks out more, though, because it is an annoyance arriving rather than an annoyance being terminated...)


KC - I know Gary - we are going to be headed for the dealer with the money and he’s going to decide we need an Escalade. His preferences aren’t stable.


Can you agree on a list of requirements for the car ahead of time, including "does not require a step-ladder to enter"?

(but also, yes, I suppose that is one way of introducing Adventure and Variety and Surprise to life...)


KC - we are supposed to take the next step to the car today - I don’t know if it’s going to happen.

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