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April 18, 2021



If you've got the dialogue, you're well on your way. Description can be pulled out of assorted orifices (with the aid of wikipedia to correctly shape it), but getting characters right takes something different.

I'll grant that 'something happens here' is a bit slim to go on, though.

(that said: if you have things broken into scenes and know that a particular scene needs to get someone from X to Y, either physically or psychologically, you're probably set. And you can always poll your blog or other people for suggestions of Events To Add To The Novel which might accomplish the approximate goal you have lined up for them.)

(I will grant that most suggestions will be rubbish, *but* sometimes it's easier to pick feasible things out of a pile of rubbish than it is to wave a wand and get them to appear.)


KC - I’m kind of looking forward to “something happens here” - It’s going to be more creative than the rest of it, anyway.

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