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April 28, 2021



I... do not like... things being done automatically, unless there is a manual override option so that if the sensor gets "confused" I can turn things off/on as is *actually* applicable.

Well, also, sometimes our windshield has this specific sort of tree crud on it where if you run the wipers unless it's *really* wet, visibility disappears for a bit, so we deliberately don't turn the wipers on until the windshield is wet enough to wash the tree crud off, rather than just for a drop or two that doesn't harm visibility itself but will when it's smudged around. But maybe the Mini has technologically-advanced out of tree crud, too. Or maybe they just assume that people, you know, keep their cars in garages and wash them regularly...


KC - I was surprised that it didn’t clear off the back window by the time I thought it would, so I did it myself. So the wipers can be manually controlled, but stopped? I don’t know. I bet if I took control the auto-wipe would stop. The lights don’t matter - they could be on all day and not hurt anything.


I love that so much - such fun!


Thanks, Lisa!

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