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February 18, 2021



I think the lower right hand corner improved substantially (the purple-and-white flowers), but really: something that *makes sense* is probably better to paint, instead of peonies. Oy.

I also don't really like the composition of the original it's based from, so there's that, too.

Re: the second painting: the last year has been pretty dark? So there's that.

I have no idea, but you're experimentally learning what glazing does and what it doesn't do, and various other things about painting and pictures, so that's probably a cumulative plus as long as you don't pitch the entire hobby in the trash due to frustration... (but: no more peonies for a good long while, because NO.)


KC - I realized that with both I’m supposed to paint on the white highlights last - but it’s a long slog until things lighten up.


Internet Rando/Art Critic: I really like the peony change! I can understand how they would be frustrating to paint, but I think the transition this week was good. Sunflowers are still my all time favourite, but I think you should be happy with the peionies too.


Ick. Having to think in separate layers seems... challenging. I'd keep wanting to "balance" it at each step...


AH -it felt good to paint, even if the peonies still seem to be made out of bologna.
KC - it is hard, but that last twenty minutes when you add the highlights is very satisfying.

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