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February 19, 2021



Remind me to never go into your bathroom. EVER. I was fine with and even excited about it up to the speculum, but NOPE NOPE NOPE. (although at least that's not the plastic kind that makes unnerving noises. And at least it's small. Fine, maybe it would be okay... actually, no, still nope...)


KC - I know people who won’t go in. That leaves you with Gary’s hairy bathroom, though.

Allison McCaskill

I will take the medical bathroom over the hairy bathroom ANY DAY. Also you are very funny. I hope that's not insulting. Maybe you're not trying to be funny. Maybe the medical bathroom is just an effective display of your interests and I'm just demonstrating my inability to be comfortable with that. No, it's a little speculum for a lady raccoon. You are very funny, I stand by that.


Allison - it’s half art project / half thing that scares people who come over for parties. Back when there were parties.

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