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February 15, 2021



The metaphor for a journey? I played Oregon Trail, but I am still apparently too old; I mostly remember 1. how money made almost everything so much easier (true), and 2. how you could cheat the game through winter by hunting every day, since for whatever reason your party did not get sick and die on hunting days in the version I played.

Okay, that and how not-worthwhile it is to shoot squirrels...KC


KC - I’ll have to see if the young people at work know about that hack.


There were multiple versions of Oregon Trail, so I don't know how widespread (or not) it was, but I'd be interested if they found that or not in their versions. (and I have no idea which version it was, but it was not the single-color version as per your image)


(i am also now dimly recalling that "trading" may have also not clicked-over the "party sick/dead" probability meter? I think I puttered through at least two games-with-a-winter-in-the-middle via hunting/trading...)


KC - at the time people were wearing kerchiefs to Zoom meetings, now of course no one is mentioning it.


The mysteries of fads.

Allison McCaskill

Chigger bites?


KC - I missed the meeting was entirely about this topic, but I imagine everyone has abandoned the imagery.
Allison - there were chigger bites in the game? Really? Because I’ve had chigger bites and it would be a close call between that and dysentery.

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