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February 21, 2021



Never see them on any sort of regular basis here in TX but in Feb when the red berries on our umbrella tree ripen they’re everywhere and nuts! (We have great video of them dive bombiing it in droves until all the berries are gone) Then the freeze hit and I’m hoping it didn’t do permanent damage to our tree as I do love watching a bunch of berry drunk birds! They’re so happy! (Hopefully without hangovers!) But I just saw them again this weekend so I guess all is good in their little Robin wood. Maybe I need to look into a heater under the bird bath so they can have a hot tub for their drunken berry party, lol!



That gives new meaning to the word "dive bar" (although I am sure your umbrella tree is a Very Classy Establishment).


Lisa - yes! Drunk birds are the best. And my thoughts are with you in Texas, I hope last week was safe for you and without destruction.
KC - did you have to look up umbrella tree? I did.


Thanks so much! We were incredibly lucky and didn’t lose power or water. We had one of my husband’s co-workers bring his family to stay with us for the week as they lost both. And now a mere week later we have temps in the 70’s, lol. With everything going on I’m starting to think 2021 told 2020 “They thought you were bad? Here, hold my beer and watch this.”

Hope y’all are safe and warm!


Lisa - it was almost 60 today. I went out and looked at my one tiny daffodil bud.

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