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January 24, 2021



To be accurate, she'd probably have to say "smallest in-person crowd for a scheduled inauguration" because 1. there were probably waaaay more people watching this one online than ever, and 2. Calvin Coolidge.

But yes. That would have been glorious. :-)

I think I did see an Onion headline about Most American Flags To Ever Witness An Inauguration, which seems dimly plausible but would also be well-nigh impossible to fact-check, since we don't have numbers for prior inaugurations...

Anyway. I love things being functional and accurate. It is *delightful* and I hope everything gets cleaned up well.


KC - well, modern-day inauguration, then. Someone else I know commented that the 12 thousand national guard alone surpassed the 10 thousand at Washington’s inauguration.


But not all the National Guard at DC were anywhere near within sight, so I am not sure they all count. But yes. "Smallest crowd to come see an inauguration in more than 50 years!" would likely work, I think, because the National Guard came there to protect the inauguration rather than see it. (it might also be possible to expand the time frame significantly with better word choice that blocks out Calvin Coolidge's inauguration)

At any rate: especially now, it is really nice to have a president whose first days in office were spent on presidential duties! And who leaves the inauguration crowd size nonsense to the rest of us. :-)


KC -I like the redhead more every day. And today, a press conference in which the president answered questions without insulting the press.


I missed that there was a press conference at which the president *answered questions* - whew!

I did read his POTUS tweets today, and they were... complete, coherent thoughts without vitriol? And complete sentences, even, at least in general? (I didn't notice any to the contrary, although that is not a guarantee since I do not expect tweets to be complete sentences.)


KC - it’s sooooo delightful that Trump can no longer tweet at ALL.


The noise level has gone down by a huge amount, especially now that Twitter is also not being hesitant to spank accounts, rather than just flagging tweets with content warnings, for peddling debunked election conspiracy theories for malicious profit.

It is indeed delightful.


KC - long time coming, though .


Yeah, would have been nice if they'd banned him, oh, 8 years ago or so.

It'll be a long time going, too. Especially if the GOP decides to go full-on Trump Base Appealing like it looks like they're aiming for. If you can't even get an impeachment conviction for sending people to physically threaten and/or kill congress, I... don't understand.


KC - same here.

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