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January 25, 2021



I mean, if you're putting together a vaccination schedule - front-line healthcare workers first, high risk people at high priority, etc. - then if you *include* dead people in your vaccination schedule, then they really *should* come last unless there are living people who are strongly advised to not get the vaccine.

But yes. That is not a cheerful addition to your morning.


KC - I didn’t even think of it literally! Lord that’s worse.


I think in headline-grammar, it could be either. But yes. Not an ideal headline.

Our state is doing vastly better than that, despite some initial... mistakes. (now I am wondering if Wikipedia has a page titled, roughly, "Stupidest Glitches In COVID Vaccination Plans [Or Lack Thereof]" and whether it would be more reassuring to know that other states made confusingly poor choices or not)


KC - but in general, why? I know I shouldn’t complain: the vaccine for the 1918 flu took ten years.


In 1918 they wouldn't have been able to make *this* vaccine (because of the mechanisms and stuff), and even if they'd been able to make it, they wouldn't have been able to transport it, so there's that. If the vaccine were less perishable/time-sensitive, the rollout would be working... better. (not necessarily a *lot* better, frankly, because there's still an enormous differential between production and population and states are *amazingly* incompetent, but at least *somewhat* better)

But it isn't. So. We wait? But probably not for years. :-)


KC - if we’d just all wear masks ....


... things would be better, but still not good. I've known a lot of people who were infected while wearing masks.

But yes. It would be at least a good START. Oy.


KC - I find myself having to turn around because I just forget. I leave the house so rarely.

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