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January 13, 2021



This made me laugh harder than I would have liked, lol. When I turned 50 so many wonderful surprises started making themselves known over time. How did our grandmothers deal with it when they didn’t have all the info we have now. Greatest generation indeed.


Lisa - Imagine having a prolapsed uterus with no Wikipedia. I live in daily fear of the prolapsed uterus, and I will at least know what is happening.


OMG yes! I have to admit I had no idea what this was until law firms started advertising to sue doctors over failed prolapse surgeries and medical devices. Almost makes me want to put my hands over my ears and go “LALALALALA!” until it all goes away, lol.


Lisa - do I know what it is, yes, but do I know how it looks? No, and I’m not googling it.

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