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December 02, 2020



I just laughed very hard at the fuk-ade.

For many years when I was younger I thought awry was pronounced awe-ree instead of a-rye. I knew that a-rye was a word, I knew they both meant basically the same thing. I don't know how I thought the a-rye word was spelled, but in my head they existed as two distinct words (with the exact same meaning). Kind of like homogen(e)ous.

Although not a mispronunciation, my favourite of these types of missteps was from someone I knew who used to use the term "bolivious" rather than "oblivious". The irony was the best part. "Oh you know Susan, she's just so bolivious".


Hah! bolivious! That is great! And yes, I could see ah-ree as a word, even more than a-rye.


Ah-ree is probably how it's pronounced in Scots dialect? :-) (am not googling in case I am wrong...)


KC - evidently, Scots don’t say awry, they say agley.


I knew they said agley (see: the best-laid plans of mice and men), but I vaguely hoped that, perhaps, they also said ah-ree, sometimes, in lighter moments. :-)

(also! I have found glorious pronunciation nerds on the awry topic! http://phonetic-blog.blogspot.com/2012/05/going-awry.html )


KC - wow that pronunciation blog is a challenge. All I know is the schwa. Many other sounds in there.

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