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December 09, 2020



Oh, dear. This would not be my preferred communications/compromise methodology at ALL.

(also: yes: the one who uses the things is the one who gets to decide where they go, etc. Although augh I wish I could convince spouse to not put sharp knives in the dishwasher, where they get blunt more rapidly. But mostly we get along well with compromises where applicable and a whole lot of deciding not to care that Spouse Spaces are not arranged maximally efficiently, etc.)


KC - now see, Gary loves sharpening the knives, so there’s no way the argument that something is knife-dulling would have any weight.


If someone sharpens the knives, then they're welcome to dull them! I mean, within limits. Kind of like dish-dirtying: if someone else is going to wash the dishes, then it is relevant for the cook to not dirty twice the number of dishes needed for a recipe. If the cook is going to wash the dishes, they can get nearly every dish in the kitchen dirty, and that's *fine* because they're cleaning it up. (I mean: potentially annoying, in a "you are being inefficient!" way, but really: fine.)

We just have been having progressively duller knives. But now we have a bench stone and I am learning/have learned the basics of how to use it, so the knives are now making progress towards being able to slice carrots again...


KC - i have given up questioning Gary’s inefficiency on dishes. He runs the dishwasher even if it hasn’t been unloaded. He did us a great favor though by spotting that running the dishwasher makers the garbage disposer leak.

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